In addition to disinfection, cleaning is used to maintain health and improve the well-being of humans and animals. In connection with disinfection, it is a measure to ensure the necessary hygiene in various areas and serves as an upstream process of final disinfection. The interplay of the two measures makes it possible to achieve a certain standard of hygiene within the intended scope of application.


In addition to our products “Planet Sensitive” and “Planet Strong” for disinfection, we have developed the cleaners “Planet CIP” and “Planet FOAM” for cleaning. Both are used for cleaning, differ only in the field of application. Whereas “Planet CIP” is used in closed systems such as dairies, “Planet FOAM” can be used for surface cleaning (e.B. for the removal of oil splashes). The fields of application thus extend from domestic use to application in industry and are planned, implemented and supervised together with our experts on request.


The two cleaners use caustic soda produced from an electrolysis process as a basic component and, like the products “Planet Sensitive” and “Planet Strong”, do not require the addition of chemical products.


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