Surface disinfection

Through globalization and the increasing world population, there is a higher chance that pathogens will end up in regions where they could not be found previously. Due to global traffic, pathogens can be spread unhindered worldwide. This has been shown in the most recent Corona (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.

Since pathogens are practically invisible, the spread is unnoticed and currently uncontrollable. For this reason, it should be in the interest of every state and every individual to protect the population from potential infection by means of a well-thought-out hygiene plan and suitable hygiene measures. Surface disinfection is one effective measure in such hygiene plans.

Particular attention is to be paid to the health care, food production and processing industries as well as to facilities where many people come together. By disinfecting Handles on escalators, handles on shopping carts, doorknobs, elevator buttons or training equipment in fitness studios the spreading of pathogens can effectively be reduced.

We at Planet Innovation offer products that have been proven by independent laboratories to be effective against various bacteria, viruses, spores and fungitested according to EN standards 13727, 13624, 14476 i.a.. In this way, we offer our fellow human beings means to enable the public to reduce the potential danger for everyone. We work according to the motto “prevention instead of healing”. Wir arbeiten ganz nach dem Motto „Vorbeugen statt Heilen“.

Areas of application

  • Industry
  • Food industry
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Gastronomy
  • Social facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail trade