The active ingredient

Our effective disinfectant consists of the three basic building blocks water, salt and electricity in the form of the supply of an electric charge. Electrochemical activation transforms salt water into Planet Sensitive and Planet Strong products.

This process produces a stable, active active ingredient. Based on the present pH of 8.9-9.5, the active substance is defined regulatoryly as active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite, even if it is in fact a complex equilibrium of different active ingredients (in particular hypochloric acid (HClO) and hypochlorite anion (ClO), see evaluation report for active chlorine released from sodium chloroline).

The disinfecting effect of hypochlorite anion is due to the structural change in proteins. This significantly interferes with the metabolism of microorganisms, resulting in the loss of functional structures. Viruses or bacteria can no longer reproduce and are rendered harmless to humans.

Hypochloric acid is a naturally generated acid in the human body that is involved in the control of infections in the process of phagocytosis.